Stroke in Women

We have heard much about heart disease and stroke in men and how the rising incidents of this disease have struck widely in almost every country in the world. But have you thought about the incidents of Stroke in women? Stroke is commonly described by medical professionals as a cerebrovascular

Smoking and Breastfeeding

Most of the women lately have been jaded by the relation between smoking and motherhood. With the rising number of women who are opting to smoke in life the pertinent question of the horrors of smoking on their health has been haunting them time and again. So does smoking effect

Reduce Stroke in Women

For decades the death rate from heart disease in the United States and other countries has spiralled nearly 70 percent, and the rate of death from stroke nearly 80 percent. This rising trends have been triggered due to our ever changing lifestyle and lack of health conscious approach in our

Alcohol and Women

When we talk of equal rights for man and women one thing which doesn’t really mix well is alcohol. Studies have shown that when woman consume alcohol their bodies process liquor at a slower rate compared to men’s. When they consume larger quantities than men, ladies have the tendency to

How to cleanse Body of Toxins

When it comes to Skin problems, improper digestion, pains and aches as well as frequent sickness then all these symptoms would possibly suggest that you have been accumulating toxins in your body for a long time. It also may suggest you the right time when your body needs a good