How skipping breakfast causes weight gain.

When women talk about weight one of the most common thing that comes up is dieting and skipping meals. But skipping meals especially breakfast for weight loss is no more a reality.

One recent study has busted this notion that if you skip meals especially breakfast then you can lose weight. But contrary to this, recent studies have proven that skipping breakfast will cause you to gain more weight. The reason cited is simple people who avoided morning meals found high-calorie meals and fatty foods much more appealing, and thus ended up indulging in it heavily throughout the day.

Although weight watchers mayHow skipping breakfast causes weight gain. have good reasons for losing weight, but they may be wrong in saying that skipping meals is one way to do it. Even though dieting may mean that we are giving the body less input by eating fewer times a day, but cumulatively in doesn’t mean that they will lose weight as they think. Eating properly at regular intervals is important as it helps to keep our metabolism up and running. When we skip breakfast or major meal of a day then the body goes into a starvation mode. This means our metabolism will equally slow down, and the body will try to conserve energy and expend fewer calories. When the next time the does eat the brain triggers a signal to compensate for the slowing down of the metabolism and stimulates us to over eat even though we may just eat which is required. This will cause us to gain rather than lose weight.

How skipping breakfast causes weight gain.

Besides this advanced studies on brain have revealed how the area in the brain called the orbital frontal cortex, which tells the mind to look for more calories when the morning breakfast has been avoided.

How skipping breakfast causes weight gain.

It is believed that when we skip dishes, our digestive tract releases bodily hormones that act on the orbital frontal cortex, priming it to drive our thoughts towards sugary and fatty alternatives.

While this may make good sense in times of starvation, when it is essential to receive more calories as possible but observation in form of MRI scans have shown that when as compared to food consumed at lunch time, we have located ample proof that fasting made people hungrier and improved the appeal of high-calorie foods and the quantity each individuals ate.

So spice up you weight loss efforts with a more healthy and wholesome breakfast and beware of choosing extended periods of skipping meals because you are visiting hunger for more and more high-calorie foods.

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