Stroke in Women

We have heard much about heart disease and stroke in men and howStroke in Women the rising incidents of this disease have struck widely in almost every country in the world. But have you thought about the incidents of Stroke in women? Stroke is commonly described by medical professionals as a cerebrovascular accident, but in one sense stroke is seldom an ‘accident’. The hidden symptoms of a stroke are generally prevalent (or cerebrovascular ailment) for long times prior to the actual occurrence of a stroke. These are known as Short-term ischaemic attacks (TIAs) which are the so called warning signs that a stroke could occur in the future.

In case of strokeStroke in Women in women they need to be alert to these warning signals of an impending stroke by recognizing the indication and doing something about it, this will lead to complete avoidance or at the best lessen the severity of stroke. Although men and women have the common stroke symptoms but women tend to have their unique set of symptoms. Let us discuss few of them.

Women may report unique stroke symptoms like:

  • sudden facial weakness and pain
  • spontaneous and sporadic hiccups
  • sudden nausea
  • sudden general exhaustion and weakness
  • sporadic palpitations or chest pain
  • sudden shortness of breath
  • sudden palpitations

Besides some of the causes in women which will increase the risk of stroke are exclusive to women like : contraceptive usage and birth control pills, as well as pregnancy and Hormone Replacement Therapy for women in case of menopause. Moreover other factors include high levels of triglyceride and cholesterol (blood fat) and excess belly fat.

Menopause, also increases women’s risk of stroke highly, this due to gradual absence of which it causes to the cardiovascular protection provided by the hormones.

Besides women with extra belly fat and high triglyceride levels have nearly five times more chances to suffer stroke.

Prevent Stroke in Women

Although 80 % percent of stroke can be prevented for everyone whether its man or woman the only criteria is to work with a healthcare professional by identifying the risks and by learning techniques to prevent the same. Here are few guidelines to prevent stroke in women.

By taking steps like Monitoring your atrial fibrillation, reducing smoking and alcohol consumption ,checking cholesterol levels and controlling your weight you can reduce the risk of stroke exponentially . Moreover a regular regimen of exercise and healthy diet will completely secure women from any risk of stroke attack.

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